Close and Faraway

  • Release 2009
  • Genre ORION

1. Faraway  15:13
for children’s chorus, organ and orchestra, on texts of a lost language (2008)
Commissioned by the Athens Megaron

2. Orient Express Suite  9:38
seven orchestral miniatures for strings and percussion (2008)

3. Report to Moralis  3:41
for strings, piano and percussion (2007)

4. Andromaque  10:03
suite for orchestra (2007)

5 -13. Film Suite «In Canto»  27:30
for female voice and orchestra (2008)

About the works:

Faraway: Five hymns about sun, mother, life, man and…, based on texts of a lost language. The work was commissioned by The Athens Concert Hall and written in 2008.

Orient Express Suite: Seven orchestral miniatures for strings and percussion, in an oriental style. The themes originate from the films: Rom, Master Of The Shadows, Meri – Amen, Memed My Hawk, Passeurs De Rêves, My Darling Istanbul, as well as from the television series Thus Spake The City.

Report to Moralis: It was the main theme in Stelios Haralambopoulos’ documentary Moralis (2005), based on the life and work of the great Greek painter. In this new form it has been reworked in its orchestration and structure, with the addition of percussion instruments.

Andromaque: It was written in spring 2007 for the performance of the theatrical piece by Racine, which was presented in Epidavros by the National Theater and directed by Dimitris Mavrikios. The following year, the main themes were brought together to one whole work in the form of a suite, with slight changes in its original orchestration.

Film Suite «In Canto»: It consists of four shorter orchestral suites with different themes from the films Black Out (1998), The Cistern (2001), Utopia (2004) and Oxygen (2003) alternating with five songs originating mainly from the same films. 
The orchestration was worked over in March 2008 on the occasion of this specific concert, in order to create a new work to be heard as a whole, without interruption.

Live recording from Athens Megaron

Eleftheria Arvanitaki, voice
Children’s Chorus of Ziridis’ School
Camerata, Orchestra of the Friends of Music
Alexandre Myrat, conductor


Theodore Kotepanos, piano – organ
Dimitris Desyllas, percussion

Panayotis Drakos, flute
Vangelis Christopoulos, oboe
Nikos Ghinos, clarinet   
Vamgelis Skouras, french horn  
Yiannis Karabetsos, trumpet     
Kostas Avgerinos, trombone    
Yiorgos Panagiotidis, violin      Γ
Renato Ripo, cello