Music in Pictures

  • Release 2001
  • Genre Sirios

Music for films, 1994-2001

The Cistern

01. The cistern
       Children’s Chorus of Larissa – Dimitris Karvounis, conductor
02. Aaron [Titles] 03. At the wheel well
       Lyrics: Stamatis Dagdelenis
       Voice: Nicola Floki
       Children’s Chorus of Larissa – Dimitris Karvounis, conductor
04. Waltz of desire
05. The acrobats
06. A night on the hill
07. Whirlpool
08. Elégie
       Jules Massenet – Louis Gallet – arr.: N. Kypourgos
       Voice: Aris Christofellis

The Canary Yellow Bicycle

09. Bicycle ride [Titles] 10. Two friends [Tribute to Mozart]

Mediterranean Stories

11. The Earth’s offering [Titles] 12. A bunch of grapes

Nuestra Señora de los Perros

13. La nana de la cebolla
       Poem: Miguel Hernandez
       Voice: Mario Guerra

Terra Incognita

14. The uprooted
15. Visiting father
16. Tango
17. The nude dancer
18. Terra Incognita
19. Latin Vodka

Ephémeral Town

20. Nostos [Titles] 21. Dreams
22. In the settlement
23. Desolation


24. Zoe and Lou [Titles]

Three Seasons

25. Stairway to the sky [Titles] 26. The three sisters

Log Books – George Seferis

27. The cats of Saint Nicholas [Titles] 28. The wide river

Straw Hats

29. Summer theme [Titles] 30. Tiny cloud

Music Composed, Orchestrated and Conducted by Nikos Kypourgos except:
The Cistern: Sofia Amadeus Orchestra conducted by Svilen Simeonov
Terra Incognita: Soloists of Patras conducted by Dimitris Botinis