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Slow motion
music for the films: Fugitive Pieces, Four Corners of Suburbia, Kilometre Zéro, Absolitude, Your Name is Justine, Amor En Concreto, Sevgilim Istanbul, Αλεμάγια, Ουτοπία, Κι’ αν φύγω θα ξανάρθω, Πέρα από τη λίμνη

released: 2008

1. Embroidered Words
Lyrics: Stratos Stassinos
Voice: Kerassia Samara
From the film "Beyond the lake" by Stratos Stassinos (Greece 2006)

2. The Mystery of wood


3. Red shoes


4. The island

5. Return Traditional
Voice: Lydia Koniordou
From the film "Fugitive Pieces" by Jeremy Podeswa (Canada 2007)

6. Sevjilim Istanbul (Titles)


7. Aghia Sofia
From the film "My Darling Istanbul" by Seckin Yasar (Turkey 2007)

8. Night Kiss
Lyrics: Stratos Stassinos
Voice: Manolis Lidakis
From the film "Beyond the lake" by Stratos Stassinos (Greece 2006)

9. Absolitude (Titles)
From the film Absolitude by Hiner Saleem (France 2006)

10. Alemaya (Titles)
From the film "Alemaya" by Elias Yannakakis (Greece 2004)

11. In the Rain

12. Coming as a friend (End Titles)
From the film "Coming as a friend" by Dora Masklavanou (Greece 2005)

13. Kilometre Zero

14. Dance in the desert
From the film "Kilometre Zero" by Hiner Saleem (France 2004)

15. Barren Line I

16. Barren Line II


17. Barren Line III
From the film "Parvas" by Gerassimow Rigas (Greece, 2008)

18. The crossing

19. 17/8
From the film "The Crossing" by Dimitris Stavrakas (Greece 2006)

20. Amor En Concreto
From the film "Lone in Concrete" by Franco de Pena
(Venezuel/Germany, 2002)

21. Justine's Lullaby
Lyrics: Franco de Pena - Anna Cieslak
From the film "Your name is Justine" by Franci de Pena
(Poland/Luxermburg 2005)

22. Utopia (Titles and waltz)
From the film "Utopia" by Giorgos Karypidis (Greece 2004)

23. Far away inside
From the film "Four corners of suburbia" by Elizabeth Puccini (USA 2004)
Best film Music Award - Avignon Film Festival



(…) Another compete-sounding album is the wonderful Slow Motion, music for films (Orion Music) by Nikos Kypourgos. It opens with perhaps the most wonderful song of the year, Logia kentimena with the voice of Kerasia Samara, from the film by Stratos Stasinos Pera apo ti Limni, with lyrics by the director. It’s a moving song which, like the film, deals with modern Greek traditions. This is the beginning of a journey spanning musical scores from 13 films, and the music, miraculously, stands very well on its own.

Kypourgos skillfully seduces the listener by serving two visions at once: that of the directors and his own. This is achieved through disciplined musical arrangements, themes lasting for a few seconds or extending to a few minutes, and three fine performances from Lydia Koniordou, Manolis Lidakis and a children’s choir for the film Your Name is Justine by the Polish-Venezuelan director Franco de Pena.

George I. Allamanis, Greek Culture Yearbook 2008-09

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