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In Athens
Original music for the stage performance “Athens, my city” given by the Hellenic Horodrama on August 23, 1985.

released: 1985
Lyrics by Manolis Rassoulis The Singers - Musical direction: Antonis Kontogeorgiou (6, 12) Savina Yannatou (14) Dora Masklavanou (14, 22)
Spyros Sakkas, Yorgos Kouroupos, Nikos Kypourgos (20)
Nikos Papazoglou (23)

Music composed, orchestrated and conducted by Nikos Kypourgos

    ERIS (4:48)

  • 1. Poseidon’s Dance (1:25)
  • 2. Water (1:11)
  • 3. Athena’s Dance (2:12)

  • 4. The Craftsmen-Phidias and Pericles (2:38)
  • 5. Aspasia’s Dance (2:24
  • 6. Dionysiac (3:06)
  • THE AGORA (5:29)

  • 7. Peripatos (1:10)
  • 8. The Female Wine-attendant (1:03)
  • 9. The Maiden-slaves (0:36)
  • 10. Dance at the Agora (1:16)
  • 11. Diogenes (1:24)

  • 12. Procession (3:19)
  • 13. The Passing of Barbarians (1:17
  • 14. Dirge (1:57

  • 15. King Otto’s Entry (0:50)
  • 16. Battling over “fustanella” kilt (1:50)
  • 17. Walz (1:04)
  • 18. Charleston (0:36)
  • 19. Isadora Duncan on the Acropolis (1:36)
  • MODERN ATHENS (7:47)

  • 20. Ads (1:52)
  • 21. Stand and Balcony (1:32)
  • 22. Driving Restictions Dance (2:12)
  • 23. Diogene’s Cifteteli Dance (2:11)

(...)In Drako's Recording Studio, at Filothei, and to be more specific, shut in a small, supplementary room on the second floor, I was working with Lakis, a twenty-year old apprentice sound-engineer, on a console dating back to the '60s. It exerted on us a distinct appeal since it had been bought from Abbey Road Studios in London, and rumor had it that on this very console the Beatles had recorded their first songs. Anyhow, on its set of eight switches we had to accommodate tenths of different instruments and sounds, and I can hardly forget the intricate movements of our joint twenty fingers during the mixing. Nor can I ever forget that once, we brought a motorcycle into the studio which was instantly filled with exhaust-gas, so that we could capture on disc the revving-up of the engine and the distinctive sounds of the starter motor and exhaust pipe; and all that for the recording needs of "Driving Restrictions Disco". You see, all I wanted was to use the motor's beat as a natural percussion instrument playing ten sixths!

(...)When I told dearest Rallou Manou all about my idea end the ballet with a cifteteli, dance, during which the "chorus" would praise the popular singer, she got truly scared. But little by little, she came to grow intimate with the idea, and in the end she gave her full support(…) It was a magnificent collaboration. Unfortunately, it was meant to be her last.

Nikos Kypourgos on "In Athens", 1985


The album contains music which the composer wrote for ‘Athens, my city’ which was presented in the summer by the Greek Chorodrama of Rallous Manou. The outcome successfully responds to its high standards and is far off the record industry’s market.

Fotis Apergis, Sunday Eleftherotipia, May 18, 1986

The composer surely took advantage of the ‘journey in time’: variety of sounds, from traditional to oriental and from the waltz to rock. Promiscuous things which blend in a harmonic whole which isn’t only due to Nikos Kypourgos’ masterly orchestration. Inspiration, grace and humor represent this work.

Vasilis Aggelikopoulos, The Nea, May 29, 1986

The composition can function self sufficiently, aquitted from any visual element. The six parts make up the whole work and is mainly orchestral with the simplicity of the instruments and the rhythm alterations.

Despina Savvopoulou, Avgi, June 28, 1986

The cheerful and balanced writing of Nikos Kypourgos in combination with the orchestrial transparancy, guarantees surprises which will allure you with its sensitivity. Moreover, it will arm you with the very rare, nowadays, feeling of hopefullness.

C.T. Ihos & HiFi, July 1986

A careful combination of musical styles, with a different at times origin and date of birth. Music of continual unexpected tunes and respect to all its sources. A charleston is proposed with a traditional island dance and are united with love instead of sarcasm.

Fotis Apergis, Eleftherotipia, July 16, 1986

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