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Garden Secrets

released: 2001
  • 01. The secret Entrance 1:31 (orchestral)
  • 02. Snowflake 1:31 (orchestral)
    Lyrics: Dimitris Mavrikios
    Elli Paspala
  • 03. The Know-it-all 2:03
    Lyrics: Agathe Dimitrouka
    Dionysis Savopoulos
  • 04. The Goldfinch 2:10
    Lyrics: Haris & Panos Katsimihas
    Haris & Panos Katsimihas
  • 05. Wedding Song 1:15
    Lyrics: Lina Nikolakopoulou
    Psarandonis - Thanasis Papakonstantinou - Christos Thiveos
  • 06. Between the Little Buttons 3:05
    Lyrics: Lina Nikolakopoulou
    Haris Alexiou
  • 07. The Hare's Path 0:33 (orchestral)
  • 08. Enigma 1:18
    Lyrics: Nikos Kypourgos
    Alkinoos Ioannidis
  • 09. The Thieves 0:42 (orchestral)
  • 10. Scheherazade 2:21
    Lyrics: Stamatis Dagdelenis
    Lizeta Kalimeri
  • 11. Boat, my Little Boat 1:19
    Lyrics: Thomas Moschopoulos
    Savina Yannatou - Alkinoos Ioannidis - Dimitra Galani - Maria Farandouri, - Vasilis Papakonstantinou - Doros Dimosthenous
  • 12. The Belle' s Song 2:27
    Lyrics: Thomas Moschopoulos
    Savina Yannatou
  • 13. Shall We Dance? 1:52 (orchestral)
  • 14. The Chivalrous Now and Then... 1:53
    Lyrics: Stamatis Dagdelenis
    Doros Dimosthenous
  • 15. The Young Prince 2:25
    Lyrics: Kostas Kartelias
    Melina Kana
  • 16. The Hunchback 1:49
    Lyrics: Agathe Dimitrouka
    Spiros Sakkas
  • 17. At Nino' s Circus 1:56 (orchestral)
  • 18. Yellow 2:12
    Aris Christofellis
    Lyrics: Dimitris Mavrikios
  • 19. Feather Clouds 2:06
    Lyrics: Xenia Kalogeropoulou - Thomas Moschopoulos
    Maria Farandouri
  • 20. Midas 2:05
    Lyrics: Paraskevas Karasoulos
    Dionysis Savopoulos - Dimitra Galani
  • 21. The Black Cat 1:19
    Lyrics: Dimitris Mavrikios
    Spiros Sakkas
  • 22. Ballad of Rubbish 2:33
    Lyrics: Stamatis Dagdelenis
    Thanasis Vengos - Aris Christofellis - Elli Paspala
  • 23. Garden Colours 1:17 (orchestral)
  • 24. O Sun 1:50
    Lyrics: Lena Kitsopoulou - Nikos Kypourgos
    Vassilis Papakonstantinou
  • 25. What Sleep Shall Bring Him 2:41
    Lyrics:  Mihalis Ganas
    Nena  Venetsanou
  • 26. Secret 0:32
    Lyrics: Thanasis  Papakonstantinou
    Christos Thiveos
  • 27. O Eyelid 4:16
    Lyrics: Lina Nikolakopoulou
    Chronis Aidonidis


....In ‘Ta mystica tou kipou’ the resourceful composer turns to Nino Rota, Hadjidakis and the Renaissance for inspiration. He captures childhood visions through a colorful melange of traditional (demotica) sounds and classical motifs creating a carefully-produced album that contains the plethora of feelings, required to make a theatre performance come to life. But besides enhancing performances, Nikos Kipourgos’ compositions introduce little ones (and not only) to the wonderful world of music.

Maria Paravantes, Athens News, 12.10.01

....The most beautiful collection of music and songs we’ve heard in a long time.......Hurry into obtaining this sunshine, this delight!

Olga Konstantinidi,, 22.11.01

You won’t jab out just one, two or three, but many ‘secrets of the garden’, by Nikos Kipourgos. Firstly, because it’s a wonderful piece of work. Secondly, half of Greece sings in it and thirdly, since you’ve noticed the mindful edition, why are you still thinking about it?

....Children’s songs with inspiration, an education for adults.

Nikos Moraitis, The Vima

The lyricism that penetrates and characterizes the word, the style, the sound of the songs and the assembling of many significant artists, appoint the album as a “musical documentary” about innocence and love, a celebration for those who view life as a fairytale. The orchestras alternate every type of calassical and traditional instruments which are played by superb representatives of each kind, in beautifully enriched melodies.

Maryanthi Pelevani, The Ethnos, 23.12.01

Undoubtely, one of the most cheerful cds in the greek record industry.

Antonis Boskoitis, Ihos Magazine, May 2001

Many surprises which total up to composing great work full of emotions, humor and gentleness. More than thirty artists of greek music and theatre –all significant and eclectic- joined and ‘jammed’ their voices together, granting the greek record industry a real clean cut diamond.

G. L. Metro, June 2001

A wonderful garden full of sounds, colors and imagination is revealed thanks to Nikos Kipourgos’ magical music.....Ripe melodies and findings, deep knowledge of expressional capabilities of the instruments and careful orchestration. The testimony of a great creator who prorposes a colorful garden of ideas and imagination to the antipode of standardization and industrial music....One more direction towards the dream is revealed......

H. Sarris, Hitech, December 2001

Many fragranced flowers reveal the “secrets of the garden” by Nikos Kipourgos. It’s not just the participation of all the great singers on this cd, as it’s not just the quality of the lyrics or the composition and performance. It’s mainly the scent of the nowadays rare atmosphere of an artistic gathering. This new cd is born ageless.

K. Petropoulos, High Lights, May 2001

Umong the unworthiness that surrounds us and the momentary, meaningless commercial record industry, there seems to be a crack from where the new and freshcan pop material full of pictures and inspirational melodies. A variety of attitudes, shapes and colors.....

Giota Sikka, Kathimerini, March 9, 2002

An album which overflows with sensitivity, taking us to dreamy places where one can create his own illusions.

George Kolovatsios, March 3, 2002

How can I not applaud – as in the cinema - the musican’s only unique skillfulness.....

Antonis Beskoitis, Ihos, April 2002

...its one of those cds you just leave in the player...simply because it’s like a relaxing sedative pill on a tough day.

Ta Nea, April 20, 2002

Not just music in pictures but music that creates pictures, music that escorts the pictures, eventhough it doesn’t need them, since the music itself hides the power of pictures within it.

Despina Savvopoulou, Eleftheros Tipos, May 5, 2002

We can’t do anything but marvel, once more at the inspiration with which he handles the symphonetic orchestra, and at how he embodies so much yet so different elements in his music.

Sakis Mantzanas, The Avgi, May 18, 2002

There’s not one movie-composer we can think of, that holds a cd of so many and so different movies, as this cd presents with such internal unification. It’s quite rare. Unique!

Fontas Trousas, Jazz&Jazz, May 2002

It takes you beyond pictures, it’s got atmosphere, emotion and meaning. Nikos Kypourgos writes personal music which is self sufficient and carries more of a daily poetry than the consistance of pictures....

Liana Malandrenioti, Difono, May 2002

Literally a behind-the-scenes man, Nikos Kypourgos has dressed images with his music for over three decades. Music in pictures comes at a time when the silver screen is perhaps the only way out of a sad reality, serving as the magic carpet of escape. A very important part of a film’s success, music makes the picture intimately ours. An inspired Kypourgos does just that; he plunges into the film drawing colors from it, textures and moods which he then dresses in a treadmill of chords and fluctuating dynamics. Having seen the films, is not a requirement to fully appreciate these challenging scores. Sirius continues in this commercial day and age to insist on quality and artistry.

Maria Paravantes, Athens Newa, May 3, 2002

Thirsty for melodies, sounds and rhythm withing our singing language, the round-the-clock skillful writing of an excellent ‘student’ of Hadjidakis, really satisfies our thirst. In this gentle musical rememberance, the composer is appointed as a director of dreams.

Focus, June 2002

The thirty musical miniatures which the album is composed of have the same ideology needed in a collection and give away the creator’s natural talent in melody.

Monopoly, June 2002

Through the short pieces that follow one after the other, as if unique, presented is the artwork and the richness of the composer’s writing. Very clear is also how easily he captures simple yet beautiful themes. This album will make you dream, so to create another world –magical and colorful- a world of inspiration.

George Florakis, Theatis, July 2002

....always reason for existance. I wonder if Hadjidakis –wherever he is- can hear these sounds, and if so, is probably looking down on us with meaning and reserved pleasure.

Nikos Dionisopoulos, Difono, May 2001

Superb work which brought me tranquility and filled me with hope that greek songs do exist quite lively.

Paraskevas Karasoulas, Eleftheros Tipos, May 5, 2002

....despite the fact that I break into allergic reactions to artistic music, with Nikos Kypourgos’ “Ta mystica tou kipou” (garden secrets) , there’s no such reaction but a long needed ‘breezy wind’.

Nikos Portokaloglou, Tvmania,Cypress, May 2002

Brilliant work full of inspiration, freshness, genius. The quality and talent so crystal clear. I hadn’t heard of anything so beautiful and complete since Mano Hadjidaki. I thank him for this garden he’s made available to me.

Dora Bakopoulou, 2002

Kypourgos’ album is worthy of mass acceptance. He intelligently sends out messeges using childhood as his aliby. Therefore, through this odd world of childhood, it’s allowed to hear the seriousness of sound without losing its attractive power due to it.
It’d be ideal to be heard by kids-as well as adults- as to familiarize them with the sound of great music.

George Maniotis, conversing at Difono

I was touched from the very first piece....I was slowly taken to a magical place.....I too recommend that every home obtains this album.

Aris Davarakis, conversing at Difono

All songs are like little diamonds. I personally recommend this album as I see it rising up to levels which are even difficult to talk about nowadays. It’s hard to release an album in today’s tune and yet manage to state things with a consistant sound tune.

George Andreou, conversing at Difono

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