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Nikos Kypourgos in Brugges Festival

Nikos Kypourgos had opted for a selection of the more oriental aspect of his work, and it was a good choice, supported by excellent musicians and a fine selection of instruments, most of them traditional like ney, saz, laouto and even the yali tambur.

A few songs were more than enough for the audience to respond, and so the magical connection between the musicans and the public was obvious.  The electric atmosphere is undefinable as you had to be there to concieve it.  The musicians’ delight was apparent as the public’s response brought smiles to their faces.

As the audience continued to enjoy themselves, so did the artists for such a successful concert, since Nikos Kypourgos had given appropriate freedom to his musicians to improvise which left no doubt of their capabilities.  As for the singers, Doros Demosthenous and Lizeta Kalimeri, they also hold their part for such success.

Despite the fact that the last song was a lullaby from “Mystica tou Kipou” (Garden Secrets), the audience was in no sleepy mood.  On the contrary, they wanted more, forcing the Brugges Festival orginizers, who are quite strict on timing, to break the rules.  And so was done!  The musicians played the instrumental piece ‘Dance des reves’,again, but to no fulfillness of the crowd since they wanted even more.  Then, Lizeta continued with ‘Rom’ as the orchestra backed her up and the audience broke into applause before she barely finished he very first line.  Quite incredible, taking into consideration that the public’s ear wasn’t familiar with the song as it was only presented earlier that evening.

Leaving the concert hall, all facial expressions were of delight and satisfaction as smiles were seen in every direction.  Proof of Kypourgos’ music already being welcomed in Belgian homes was evident, as the cd purchasing kiosks outside the hall were sold out.

Looking back to the concert itself, it’s quite amazing how Nikos Kypourgos manages different styles with such ease.  As if he were a butterfly, hovering through the rich Greek musical garden, from flower to flower.

His music far from boring or burdening, on the contrary always harmonic.  The kind that ‘knocks on your door’ and once you let it in, seizes you !

Lue Pardon and Marleen Retour