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about Nikos Kypourgos / his music

Born in Athens in 1952, Nikos Kypourgos pursued studies on music theory and contemporary music techniques under Yannis Papaioannou while simultaneously studied Law and Political Science at the University of Athens.  He continued his studies at the Conservatoire de Paris on a scholarship granted by the Onassis Foundation and also attended the classes of Max Deutsch, Iannis Xenakis and other renowned composers.  He also engaged in Ethnomusicology and Music Education.

He has composed vocal music, (Knots, a choral ‘game’ for 16 voices which was awarded the first prize at the International Rostrum of Composers organized by UNESCO, 1979) orchestral music, chamber music, ballet music, musicals and songs.

For the past fifteen years, he has been keeping busy with incidental music for the theatre, (having composed music for may different theatrical genres, ranging from ancient Greek Drama to contemporary theatre) as well as with music for films.  In both fields, he has received numerous awards in Greece and abroad.  (last award at Best Film Music at Avignon Film Festival in France, for Elizabeth Puccini’s film ‘Four Corners of Suburbia’,  June 2006).

Most of his work is available on CD.  Some were first performed in France, Italy, England, Spain, United States and Belarus.